Mission Moments
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Welcome to Apple Tree Dental California

Apple Tree Dental California now includes the Sonrisas Center (formerly known as Sonrisas Community Dental Center) and the San Mateo Center. Our mission is to improve the oral health of all people, including those with special access needs who face barriers to care.

The Sonrisas Center opened its doors in 2001 to provide access to affordable dental care for low-income San Mateo Coastside residents. Our staff provides dental services at our Centers, within our mobile delivery units that regularly visit community organizations such as Puente, and using partnering hospital operating-rooms.

Without help from more dental volunteers and donors, we’re unable to provide treatment to all those who need it. Become part of Sonrisas as a volunteer or a donor. You'll be rewarded with the most grateful smiles you can imagine.

Mission Moments

The reason we created the Hope Fund

by Dirk Alvarado on 06/24/14

Recently 36 year old “James” walked into Sonrisas reporting there were several areas in his mouth that hurt so bad they sometimes keep him awake at night. Due to tight finances and lack of insurance it had been a long time since he had seen a dentist. After the examination James was told he had a number of deep cavities and might need a significant amount of treatment on some teeth if the cavities extended to the root. After quick consideration he told the dentist, “If you can save some within my budget please do, otherwise pull them.”