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Whether you live, work or play in Half Moon Bay, California, support oral health for those who can't afford it. Your tax-deductible donation to Sonrisas Dental Health will improve the lives of Coastside residents. (Coastside extends roughly from Montara, through Half Moon Bay, all the way south to Pescadero!) Consider this: $50 pays for an exam, X-ray, cleaning and fluoride varnish for a child. $100 pays for treating an infected tooth. $600 pays for a basic crown. $1,800 pays for a set of dentures. Thank you to all supporting Sonrisas Dental Health via Coastside Gives including Coastside Women's Club and generous individuals! #SonrisasDentalHealth #HalfMoonBay #Coastside #oralhealth #

How Sonrisas Dental Health is Working to Alleviate the Oral Health Crisis Among Farmworkers

Over the past 50 years, increased knowledge about the benefits of improved oral hygiene practices and access to more advanced preventive and restorative dental services have changed the landscape of oral health, but primarily for a more privileged demographic. For less fortunate populations, access to these health benefits has been more elusive. For example, children of farmworkers experience a rate of dental decay almost double that of children born to middle-class parents. For years at Sonrisas Dental Health, we’ve worked to understand and alleviate the stark reality facing thousands of farmworkers working the fields in and near Half Moon Bay, California. This underrepresented demographic

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