Every adult and child in San Mateo County has a dental home, including those with physical, developmental, or economic challenges.

Mission Statement

Sonrisas Dental Health, Inc is a non-profit dental center dedicated to providing access to quality dental care and oral health education to our community. We provide these services with dignity, respect and compassion. We offer two convenient locations in Half Moon Bay and San Mateo.

Core Values


We believe in doing work that improves the lives of our neighbors. By partnering with the community, we bring quality dental care and education services to San Mateo County.


We act with integrity and accountability to create a safe environment for our patients and staff.


Each team member shares his/her/their expertise to strengthen our team and impact.


We listen with compassion to our patients and staff, which allows us to be flexible and innovative to meet the ever-shifting needs of our community.

Health with Dignity

Our patients are at the center of our work. We deliver quality oral health care with dignity, fostering overall wellness.