Sonrisas accepts new patients in San Mateo County on an ongoing basis. We accept adults and children with all insurance types except HMO plans. If you have MediCal Dental, are a San Mateo County resident, and are interested in becoming a SDH patient, please call our offices to get more information San Mateo: 650-727-3480 or Half Moon Bay: 650-726-2144

We accept patients that are San Mateo County residents, most insurance plans. We also provide a sliding scale plan to those with no or low income.

As a non-profit, Sonrisas Dental Health accepts MediCal Dental for residents of San Mateo County. Don’t live in San Mateo County?  Call this number to find a MCD provider near you (800) 322-6384

Please call one of our offices in San Mateo: 650-727-3480 or Half Moon Bay: 650-726-2144. At this time, we cannot schedule appointments via email or our website.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete new patient forms.
    To cut down on wait time, please complete the new patient forms. You can email your forms back to us or print and bring the documents to your first appointment.
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance card/BIC (Medi-Cal Dental Benefits Identification Card)
  • Income tax return from the previous year
  • Current pay stub
  • Unemployment check
  • Disability determination
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead, with signature and phone number
  • Food Stamps
  • Student: Financial aid letter and copies of checks

We understand that life happens, which is why we have developed a missed appointment policy that we believe is fair to you. Two failed/missed appointments within a 12-month period may result in the inability to schedule you or your child for any future dental treatment, and dismissal from our office.

If you are a patient of record, call one of our offices as soon as possible and explain your situation to one of our care coordinators. Emergency calls will be prioritized based on your situation. We receive a high volume of emergency calls each day, but we try our very best to provide emergency visits within 24 hours. We cannot accept walk-insand all emergency appointments must be scheduled. Please call us at our offices in San Mateo: 650-727-3480 or Half Moon Bay: 650-726-2144 and follow the prompts for our after hours call services.

We offer an Affordable Scale Plan based on an individual’s income to make treatment costs more affordable. Sonrisas is dedicated to increasing access to care for residents in San Mateo County. If you do not currently have insurance, please talk with one of our care coordinators.

Yes! Our pediatric dentists are able to treat your child with comfort and respect. In the event that the treatment is more complicated, our pediatric dentists are able to treat your child under general anesthesia in as little as one hospital visit.

Sonrisas’ San Mateo office is a fully accessible facility. Our clinic has equipment to make your appointment experience as comfortable as possible. Our adjustable chairs can move aside and can allow you to have your appointment from the comfort of your wheelchair, depending on the treatment needed. We also have a person-lift, which can gently and securely place you in one of our treatment chairs.