Regular Meeting of the


Board of Directors June 21, 2018

6:30 PM

430 N. El Camino Real, San Mateo

Board Room

Board Meeting

June 21, 2018

6:30 PM

SDH San Mateo Center Board Room


1. Call to order and roll call – Chair Taverner

2. Mission Moment – CEO Jue

3. Consent Calendar

A. Board minutes for May 17, 2018

B. Internal Control Revisions

C. Audit Engagement Letter

4. Public Comment

5. Approval of Agenda – Chair Taverner

6. Old Business

A. County FQHC Partnership – Update (CFO Fama)

B. Accounts Receivables

C. Samaritan House Update

7. Financial Reports for April and YTD FY 2018 – CFO Fama and Ms. Yee

A. FY 2019 Budget Status

B. Audit Status

8. Fundraising – Committee Chair Hinshelwood and Mr. Alvarado

A. Raffle

B. California Wellness Grant Proposal Update – Mr. Alvarado

C. Review of Grant Activity (inc other grant requests with pending responses) – Mr. Alvarado

D. Sequoia Healthcare District and Hospital Outreach – CFO Fama and CEO Jue

9. Progress against Key Initiatives – CEO Jue

A. IV Sedation – CEO Jue

B. Community-based Senior Services

C. Increasing Revenue (see #11)

10. Marketing and Business Development Update – Mr. Alvarado

11. Report on June 11, 2018 Board Retreat

A. Fee Schedule Changes – CEO Jue

B. Review of Payer Mix

C. Mission Statement – Director Hinshelwood

12. Board Membership – Director Young

13. Other Business

A. Suggested agenda items for July meeting – Chair Taverner

14. Adjourn